Lower your water bill.

Grow greener grass.


The weather in Iowa is unpredictable. So, when it comes to maintaining your lawn in the summer, watering can be a full-time job. And if it’s not done correctly, parts of your lawn may still turn brown. Irrigating with an efficient sprinkler system can help maintain your lawn’s color and health during stressful summer heat—and even lower your monthly water bill by helping you conserve.


Our installation specialists will custom-design an irrigation system for your lawn. That way, you get optimal coverage using the least amount of water. Before we begin digging, we call to locate gas, phone and electric lines to ensure safety. And, because state law requires every sprinkler system to have a backflow device, we provide one at no charge ($160 value). We also we give you contact information for three local plumbers to help make installation easier.

It should take no more than two days to install your residential irrigation system. Before, after and the during installation, our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Investing in lawn, sprinkler and landscaping results in a greater recovery value per investment than kitchen and bath remodels—or even adding a swimming pool.

sprinkler service plans

Take care of your sprinkler system and it’ll take care of your lawn. That’s why we offer both basic and full-service plans.


Backflow test (required by state law)
Complete shut-down
*Does not include materials or additional labor exceeding one hour


Backflow test (required by state law)
Mid-season, four-point inspection
  • Rotors: check to assure proper rotation
  • Mists: clean and check filters for maximum fanning
  • Clock: full inspection and maintenance
  • Valves: assure valve boxes are dry with no leaks.
Complete shut-down
We also offer extended warranty all types of sprinkler systems. For service plan selection, pre-payment options warranty questions and Spring scheduling, contact our office at 515-984-6605, or click here.

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